Fume Hood Monitor / Controller
The Fume Hood Monitor (CRC-FHM) is designed to monitor a single fume hood. The Fume Hood Controller (CRC-FHC) is designed to monitor and control a single fume hood where proper flow is vital. The CRC-FHC includes all of the functionality of the CRC-FHM, with additional hardware / software that allows for control of a single fume hood.

Feature summary of the CRC-FHM and CRC-FHC:
  • Monitor hood face velocity.
  • Supports direct face velocity and volumetric control strategies.
  • Controls fume hood face velocity or volume (CRC-FHC only)
  • Supports constant volume or variable volume hoods
  • Supports direct sidewall , vertical sash, horizontal sash and combination sash sensing
  • Clear indication of hood face velocity or volume
  • Energy saving sequencing and control logic (CRC-FHC only)
  • Can operate as a standalone device, component part of a Critical Room Control complete space solution, or integrate with Building Automation System
  • Fully integrated BACnet MS/TP communications
  • Supports Imperial and Metric readouts
  • Full color LCD touch screen with LED backlight
  • Multiple user modes and set points

FHM / FHC screens and features:





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