Air Delivery Systems
Air Valves:
Technology, innovation and the belief that you should always verify what you control was instrumental in the development of the CRC-CLV (Closed Loop Venturi). Our air valves are the industry's best solution when your application must adhere to stringent ventilation requirements where it is imperative to verify that desired operating conditions are being met and confirmed with precision feedback. The CRC-CLV guarantees a safe, reliable, comfortable and energy efficient working environment for researchers and staff.

Closed Loop Control:
Much like the researcher who reviews actual data from experiments, CRC uses true air flow feedback to verify actual flow. Our valve control strategy utilizes air flow feedback to measure the actual system operating flow parameter. The feedback signal is sent back to the controller where it is compared to the desired system set point. The actual flow feedback signal "communicates" to the controller at what point the flow is actually operating at. The CRC controller compares the flow set point to the actual flow feedback and generates an error flow that represents the difference between the desired flow and the actual system flow. The venturi air flow valve PID control loop responds to the system error to bring the flow into balance.

Pressure Independence:
The closed loop control strategy of actually measuring air flow allows the CRC-CLV to be truly pressure independent. Our venturi valve's true flow feedback does not require strict static pressure tolerances to operate.

Features and Benefits:
  • True flow feedback
  • Closed loop control strategy
  • Pressure independent
  • Energy efficient low pressure drop
  • High turn down
  • Long term reliability
  • Impervious to Lint, Dirt and Dust
  • Confirmation of desired set point (no assumption of flow)
  • Quiet
  • Fast speed of response
  • No scheduled maintenance
  • Minimal moving parts
  • No critical components in the air stream

  • Flow Control in critical spaces and hazardous environment
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Animal Holding Rooms
  • Lab spaces
  • Fume Hoods
  • Anywhere precision air flow control is required
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