Remote Monitoring Touch screens
Critical Room Control's Multiple Room Monitor is an advance compact display module that continuously monitors the occupancy and alarm status of up to four (4) individual rooms via hardwire or network connection. The CRC-MRM also allows the remote monitoring of five additional environmental points per room (20 points total) via on board network connectivity.

Excellently suited for healthcare, lab vivarium, and manufacturing environments and applications - the Multiple Room Monitor offers the following features:
  • Bright / sunlight readable 4" or 5.7" LCD touch screen
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with CRC-RPM/C and CRC-RM
  • Device can be configured to monitor up to 4 rooms
  • Display and alarm up to 5 user selectable data elements (points) for each of the four (4) rooms
  • Resistive touch control - Use bare finger, gloved finger, or stylus to interact with LCD screen
  • Clear and unambiguous display indication of rooms overall status and points
  • Local alarm acknowledge (silence)
  • In addition to the five (5) data elements (points), each room has an independent overall status with audible and visual alarm
  • Each data element displays both a value and a status/alarm
  • User can choose from multiple pre set and custom data elements (points)
  • Field configurable easy and intuitive menus
  • Audible Alarm Silence (on screen and remote)
  • Supports multiple BMS protocols
MRM screens and features (click to view):





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