Multipurpose Touchscreen Monitors
MultiVIEW © Monitor:
The MultiVIEW is an advanced 7" LCD touchscreen display that was designed to be configured for any monitoring or sequencing application. It's core function is to give local access to critical information in an easy to read display. It's versatile design allows any of it's on-board analog, digital inputs, or network connections to drive the information being displayed on the screen. Additionally, any of the on-board analog outputs or relays can be setup to drive a signal out to a BAS or peripheral device such as a valve or VFD. The MultiVIEW supports up to six (6) fully configurable graphical icons. The six graphical icons allow the facility user to view and/or make changes to point values, modes, status, set points, and alarms.

The icons can be independently configured to retrieve their value from an analog input (0-5v, 0-10v, 4-20mA), digital input, or network communication.

To support virtually any sequencing scenario, the four on-board analog outputs and relays can also be configured to be driven by a Point's alarm status, audible alarm status, current value, or set point value.

  • Bright/sunlight readable 7.0" LCD touch screen
  • Displays large, easy to read values, set points, room status, modes and alarms
  • Up to six fully configurable Icons
    • Environmental points
    • Point or room status
    • Point or room mode
  • Display point values, set points, point status or space mode
  • Local and remote audible and visual alarms
  • Local set point, Status and mode change
  • Analog and digital input and outputs for point values, modes or status indicator
  • Network for values, modes or status points
  • Password protection and configurable user access restrictions
  • Set point, status and mode networked or hardwired
  • All parameters/settings saved in non/volatile memory
  • Field configurable, easy, and intuitive menus
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Input and output diagnostic screen
  • Network communication debug screen

Multiple Point Monitor:
The Multiple Point Monitor (CRC - MPM) is an advanced compact display module that continuously monitors up to three (3) individual points or sensors allowing a facility to view, alarm, and change set-points for up to three primary environmental elements, and view up to four secondary elements. The CRC-MPM offers the versatility to setup individual / distinct visual and audible caution and alarm set points, and is capable of receiving information from externally located sensors or via network communications. Device configuration and viewing is accessed via a simple to navigate touch screen panel.

  • Displays large, easy to read values for 1 to 3 environmental element(s) along with status, visual alarm, and audible alarm.
  • Each point can display values based on analog input (0-5v, 0-10v, 4-20mA), digital input, or network.
  • Independently allow or restrict user's access to change set-point value of each point.
  • Set-point values can be communicated by both analog output and / or network communication.
  • Bright / sunlight readable 4" LCD touch screen.
  • Resistive touch control - Use bare finger, gloved finger, or stylus to interact with LCD screen.
  • All parameters / settings saved in non-volatile memory (retained if module loses power).
  • Field configurable, easy, and intuitive menus
  • Audible Alarm Silence (on screen and remote)
MultiVIEW screens and features (click to view):

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