Sensors And Accessories
Critical Room Control's high speed native BACnet microprocessor based controllers are specifically designed for critical environments. CRC system controllers are easily customized to meet whatever sequence or operational desires are required. CRC flawlessly executes demanding and complex applications supporting stand-alone scheduling capabilities as well as historical trend data storage and alarm event time stamping. CRC controllers are native BACnet and support multiple protocols allowing seamless integration with virtually everyone.

Critical Room Control provides a complete critical space solution including any sensor or application specific controller to meet your design goals. We also are capable of communicating through multiple network protocols to incorporate information critical to your control strategy. We can build control strategies and sequences that greatly improve the work environment, safety and overall user experience.

The design of our powerful CRC controller enables us the ability to control and monitor virtually any component that is integral to your needs.

Here is partial list of some of the products and solutions we offer:
  • HEPA filter solutions
  • Filter monitors
  • Air quality solutions
  • Oxygen level sensors
  • Occupancy sensor strategies
  • Door switches
  • Humidifiers
  • Reheat valves
  • Static pressure sensors
  • Frequency drive
Please contact the CRC team for your unique needs.




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