Product Line Overview
Critical Room Control's products are designed to deliver a safe, efficient and better user experience than traditional systems. We offer products ranging from standalone user interfaces to complete turnkey system wide solutions. We have organized our products into User interface devices, System Controllers, Air Delivery and Peripheral sensors/devices.

LCD Touchscreen Interfaces:
Our innovative LCD touchscreen devices have defined the modern critical room experience. Since CRC's introduction of the industry's first touch screen room pressure monitor we have consistently worked towards delivering critical information and user interfaces that allow for a safer and more efficient working environment. These powerful and intuitive devices have changed how the modern day researcher, nurse and lab technician work in critical environments.

CRC's controller's powerful, open architecture programming flexibility allows us to provide sequencing and control strategies not offered by other manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a standalone monitor/controller for a single pressurized suite or a complete Research lab facility we can deliver a solution. Our experience and the open configurability of our controls allows the needs of your facility dictate design opposed to traditional systems "one size fits all" mentality.

Air Delivery:
Technology, innovation and the belief that you should always verify what you control was instrumental in the development of the CRC-CLV (Closed Loop Venturi). Our air valves are the industry's best solution when your application must adhere to stringent ventilation requirements where it is imperative to verify that desired operating conditions are being met and confirmed with precision feedback. The CRC-CLV guarantees a safe, reliable, comfortable and energy efficient working environment for researchers and staff.

Peripheral sensors and devices:
Our system architecture allows us to accept virtually any sensor or ability control any device that you would like to incorporate into your design. We are capable of accepting sensor inputs and device outputs in either hardwired I/O or network communication. If your application requires unique monitoring or control of non-standard variable we can provide a solution.




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